Your guide for visiting the Vape shop for the first time!

Your guide for visiting the Vape shop for the first time!

If you do not have any prior experience of shopping at a Vape shop and this if your first time – it is surely going to be a very daunting experience. It is mainly because the vape shops are actually full of diverse elements that come together to form a very different experience for the visitor. In this blog, we are laying out a guide that will definitely help your prepare your mind a great deal for what to expect and how to deal with your first experience in a smoke store. We are hoping for your best first experience in our Vape Shop in Winnipeg.

  • The Store Atmosphere

The first thing that you will immediately sense is different in the store is its atmosphere. You must realize that you are in a smoke store and not a clothing outlet. Hence, it is pretty normal and understandable for the environment inside the store to be smoky and smell like nicotine. This is something that you should fully expect and not something that you allow to turn you off.

  • The Staff Language

The language of the staff at the store will be very frank and slangy. It is miles apart from the formal language that you will hear people using at other stores. However, the language that the workers use at the store for communication purpose is so frank and direct because that suits their nature of work. It actually helps you to feel more comfortable and openly communicate about your likes, dislikes and preferences. You don’t feel hesitant or self-conscious asking them for certain products.

  • The Product Price Range

The prices of some products can really surprise you because electronic vaping products can actually be a little over-the-top. This is partly because it is such a recent thing and with technology involved, it only adds greater value to the products. In order to keep your sanity intact on your first trip, it is strongly advised that you go through the product prices online first. This gives you a little chance to look up and compare products prices and also prepare your mind for what price range to expect.

  • Age Verification on Entry

Another very important thing is to not feel offended when you visit the smoke store because you will be asked to provide your identity to verify your age. It is only legal for people aged 18 years and above to purchase these products. It is important that you realize that the store staff is only doing their job.


Golden Boy Vape Team

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