Types of vapers that are commonly found in a vape store

Types of vapers that are commonly found in a vape store

Vaping has definitely become the new ‘it’ thing these days. Everyone appears to be smoking vapes and e-liquids. But whilst there is enough said about vaping products itself, in this article we are more concerned to talk about the people who vape.

Who are vapers?

Vapers is a term that is used for people who smoke e-cigarettes and e-juices out of vaping devices. This is the only definition that we can think of for this term because there is no other specification to the vaper itself. A vaper could be anyone, belong from any ethnical, national, cultural, social or religion group.

Common types of vapers

If you are a regular visitor at the vape store, you will know what we are talking about! Among the diverse class of vapers, there are a few of them that are actually very commonly found all around. So if you are a regular to a vaping shop or attend gatherings with people vaping – you will be aware of the conventional common types. Let’s take a look at few of them in this article ahead. If you are a new vaper and want to learn how to ghost, here is a vaping trick guide.

Type 1: Cloud vaper

So this is definitely a very amusing and rather common kind of vaper that you can come across. The cloud vaper is a person who is majorly concerned with producing maximum vaper i.e. smoke using their vape devices. So the choose their e-liquids mostly based on thickness, density and volume rather than anything else.

Type 2: Flavor king

Just as the name suggests, the flavor king is a vaper who is concerned about the kind of flavor he gets a chance to enjoy. So basically the flavor king is a vaper who would be indulging in all sorts of different vape flavors; trying them all out. They are so obsessed with it that they can even differentiate between cloud base i.e. PG-base or VG-base judging only by the kind of flavor it produces.

Type 3: Nicotine obsessed

Even though there are many people who only vape smoke for fun and to just chill out – there are other people who are more obsessed to the thing. They are the ones who smoke vape to indulge in the nicotine that is present in the vape juice. You can easily expect such people to smoke vapes with nicotine amount of 24mg or more than that present inside.


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