The difference between free based and salt NICOTINE?

The difference between free based and salt NICOTINE?

A lot of customers keep asking us to explain about the difference between free based Nicotine & Salt Nicotine.

First thing first, this is the same Nicotine but with one additive, Benzoic Acid is the ingredient that changes the structure of the Diluted Nicotine by making it absorbed faster in your body and evaporate sooner than the Diluted Nicotine.




You’re NOT supposed to Sub ohm with Salt Nicotine unless its 3 or 6 m”g Salt Nicotine, that means that any Pod system that carry the abilities to run a coil ABOVE 1 OHM will work with Salt Nicotine for any M”G besides 3 & 6, So if you’re vaping 10 m”g Salt Nicotine and up you should vape it only in above 1 ohm coils, Any coil from 1.0ohm and up will work perfect for your salt nicotine E-Juice, you shouldn’t Sub ohm(0.01ohm to 0.99ohm) Salt nicotine as its very dangers and can cause nicotine overdose and Health problems in your mouth as we shouldn’t inhale this much nicotine unless it’s in the right device.

Making it easier to understand, Any Device that can work above ohm coils will be the right fit for your salt nicotine.

Devices that work great with salt nicotine:

Smok Nord
Smok Trinity
Aspire Breeze 2
Aspire nautilus 
Smok Mico
Drag Mini Pod

Golden Boy E-Juice carries 5 Amazing flavors in Salt Nicotine:


Peg City Vanilla Custard         
Red Apple
Loca Cherry Lime
Melon Freeze
Sweet Dream


*Available in 10,20,25,35 & 50 m”g Salt Nicotine
***Have any questions, Stop by our store at 623 ferry Rd or Give us a call 204-772-5586.

Golden Boy Vape Team


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