Learn the differences between e-cigarettes and e-liquids (vapping devices)

Learn the differences between e-cigarettes and e-liquids (vapping devices)

Initially there was a time back in the day when e-cigarettes were looked at as a substitute to smoking the real ones. However, the e-products have greatly modified ever since. Today, they are a thing of their own and should not be seen as a replacement to anything else. In the world of electronic nicotine products, there are many different kinds of them that you come across. If you are unaware of the facts, you would naturally think that e-cigarette and e-liquid are two different terms used for the same thing. However, they are not. Both are distinctively different.

Explore e-cigarettes to learn more about them 

As mentioned earlier, the initial purpose to come up with e-cigarettes was to find a replacement to original smoking. So basically you can expect the e-cigarette to look exactly like a real cigarette with the only obvious difference that it comes with a battery that is rechargeable. Here are some of the highlight features of e-cigarettes you must explore.

  • Appearance

One of the most basic things about it is that it looks exactly like a real cigarette in appearance. It is hard to set it apart from the real thing just by looking.

  • Battery power

It comes with a rechargeable battery. So when you are using it for a while and it seems to run out – you don’t throw it away but rather recharge it.

  • Feel

It is very easy to use. You have to follow simple set of instructions. It feels much similar to the real smoking thing.

  • Creates Vapor

An e-cigarette does not produce smoke but rather creates vapor. This is mainly why it is thought to be the same as e-juices when its not.

Explore e-liquids (vaping devices) to learn more about them

E-liquids are juices that are used inside vaping devices. These liquids primarily help to create vapors and smoke. The vaping juice is available in a wide range of flavor options and also contains controlled amounts of nicotine in it that fall in a range of 0.5 to 24 mg range. Here are some its highlight features that will help you develop an affiliation with it more.

  • Appearance

Even though it is believed to be the same thing, vaping devices do not look like cigarettes. You can learn one or 2 vaping tricks here.

  • Functionality

They are designed to be refilled with vaping liquid as and when needed. In much contrast, they are not recharged.

  • Vapor produced is different

Although they create vapor as well, but the vapor produced is different in nature. It is denser, thicker, flavored and contains controlled amounts of nicotine inside it.


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