Golden Boy Vape Shop – The Best Vape Shop in Canada

Golden Boy Vape Shop – The Best Vape Shop Online

We don’t like to make claims that we can’t deliver on. The online market for vape shops is very competitive and believe it or not, we know what we’re talking about when we say that we are the best online store! We can probably give you a hundred reasons of why we are the best but for the sake of your and our precious time we will keep it limited to a few reasons. With a sizzling variety of E Liquid and E Juice Golden Boy Vape Shop promises to deliver the best vaping experience in Canada. The Vape shop was build with the mission to bring a transformation in the lives of smokers who were continuously addicted to the standard cigarette. We know that giving up smoking is hard and this is why our smoke shop even exists. That is to transform your habit one vapor at a time. Here are some of the reasons why Golden Boy Vape Shop is the best in Canada:

Golden Boy E-Juice:

Golden Boy E Juice is a premium vaping juice that is proudly presented in our store. Manufactured locally in Canada, the e-liquid has all the qualities needed to bring an enhancement in your vaping experience. In simple terms, e-juice is the fluid that is turned into vapours. Also, the juices on our store come in a variety of forms and styles all manufactured while keeping in view your individual needs. If you’re a smoker and are addicted to nicotine then we do have the option of e liquids that have nicotine. Another feature of your E juice is that the flavours that are used in them are 100% safe and lab-tested. The same flavours are used in every day food flavouring.

Our Top Selling E Juice is the Golden Boy E-Juice- Peg City Vanilla Custard

If you’re new to vaping or fairly experienced, we believe that the Peg City Vanilla Custard is definitely a flavor that you should try out. It’s a creamy mixture of NY Cheesecakes, Creamy Bav and French Vanilla. All these ingredients are topped up by a Vanilla Custard. The vapor provides the perfect combination that is needed for enjoying the ultimate vape experience. It’s an E juice that is bursting of flavors and sweetness, get it today for just $17.99 at Golden Boy Vape Smoke Shop.

The Best Deals on Starter Kits:

We like to approach the entire vaping experience that can be affordable while at the same time amazing for anyone who wishes to vape. Golden Boy Vape Shop consists of a great deal of starter kits at different rates and features. Regardless of the fact what you buy, we promise that your satisfaction will be unmatched. Here is a starter kit that you consider going for especially if you’re new into the world of vaping:

Smok Priv 8:

The Smok Priv 8 is handy and an affordable starter kit that is made of a Priv V8 mod and a TFV8 Tank. The Priv Mod 7 is a spectacularly designed vapor that comes in vibrant colors and easy to use features. The baby tank has a capacity of 3ml which gives you ample space for E Juice filling without the worry that juice might run out. The charging is done through a removable 18650 battery with great battery timings. To top it the starter kit works on a one button activation which makes it super simple to use. It also has dual LED lights which indicate the charging and activation options. Overall, it’s a compact starter kit for users both advanced and beginners. It comes with an affordable rate of only $59.99.

Vape Coils:

An atomizer or a vape coil is a component of a vape machine that induces mist out of a liquid. Basically, if you use a good quality vape coil, your experience of vaping will definitely be top-notch. Golden Boy Vape Shop definitely delivers here as well as we have an extensive variety of vape coils that ensure the smoking is smooth and enjoyable. If you ever feel that the vape has become somehow harder, then try changing it. You can always order from our online smoke shop.

Payment Options:

Our vape shop is custom built and friendly for anyone who decides to purchase any product. Payments will be made through Visa or MasterCard. Any transaction made is completely secured.


Just name it, Golden Boy Vape Shop will have it. Our extensive online collection which consists of top-notch products are always available for you to use. We come with the aim to present the absolute best, whether its E juice, E liquids or coils our Vape shop winnipeg has all that you can ever need. All you need to do is to visit our website and order!


Golden Boy Vape Team

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