All you need to know about Vaping e-juice before your next road trip with friends!

All you need to know about Vaping e-juice before your next road trip with friends!

Going on a road trip is always fun! The fun only doubles when your best friends make time to become part of your roadie adventure with you. The best part about going on a road trip with your friends is that there is absolutely nothing that you have to hold back. You have the freedom to be yourself and do as you please. Hence, the perfect road trip with friends translates into a great wild adventure. If you are lucky enough to be already planning your next road trip with pals, there are a few things that you should not forget to pack and one of the main things is vaping e-juice. You must have it with you if you really want to experience real fun times!

What are e-juices?

So let’s begin by exploring what e-juices really are. E-juice is the liquid that is used in the vaping device or e-cigarette that allows you to create smoke. This process is known as vaping. The e-juice usually contains only traces or limited amount of nicotine in it. The E-juice is used inside a vaping device to create smoke that is artificially flavored.

Nicotine range in e-juice

As already mentioned above in the blog, e-juice contains only a very limited amount of nicotine inside it. The user has the liberty choose the nicotine range that they want in their e-juice. The nicotine range that is commonly available for users to choose from is zero to twenty four milligrams.

Types of e-juices

There are basically two types of e-juices that are available for the user to choose from. They are usually very pricey.

  • PG-based vaping liquid: It is propylene glycol that is usually a transparent liquid.
  • VG-based vaping liquid: It is vegetable glycol liquid. It is used to create more vapor than the PG-based vapes and is preferred more by the users for its natural feel.

Why should you prefer VG-based vape juices?

It is very clearly said that if you are a first time user and really want to build a good impression of vape juices, you need to try the VG-based e-juices. Here are some of the reasons why so.

  • They are available in a wider array of flavor options.
  • The e-juices are more vapors and less liquid which improves its versatile use more.
  • The smoke produced is denser and thicker which allows the user to have a much satisfying and fulfilling experience


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